About Eastern Hancock

We believe school should be a place where kids want to be.
That’s why Eastern Hancock provides a small and supportive environment where students receive personalized care and attention. We prioritize providing
more opportunities for your students to experience, learn and grow.



We believe no student should have a boring or uninspired school experience.

Eastern Hancock is a community-centered school district that prioritizes the school experience of each Royal.

We continuously improve our ability to deliver on our promises of joy, connection, extraordinary growth, and future success. Our core beliefs drive us to create magical moments, prioritize people, inspire growth, and focus on the future.

School should be a place where kids want to be.

Our mission is to create an exceptional school experience
where we continuously improve our ability to deliver on these 4 promises


Design Magical Moments


Prioritize People


Inspire Extraordinary Growth


Focus on the Future

Promise #1 JOY:

We make magical moments

We go out of our way to make learning fun. That's why we intentionally plan "peak moments" throughout the year that students will remember. As educators, we believe joy is a choice and an invitation, and is the best way to strengthen the personal connections that bind us together.

We believe:

  • School should be fun

  • Learning moments become stories kids want to share

  • Joy is contagious and can be shared

  • Joy is a choice

  • Joy can be taught and learned

"What can we do today to make everyone want to come back tomorrow?"


Promise #2 CONNECTION:

We prioritize people

"How can we help each person feel valued and that they belong here?"


We want each member of our community to feel heard, valued, and loved. While our smaller size makes it easier to provide a family-like atmosphere, our intentional focus on building community, making connections, and making sure everyone feels like they belong and are loved is what truly makes Eastern Hancock such a special place.

We believe:

  • All people have a desire to be connected

  • People do well when they can

  • We need collaborative, ongoing effort to truly address the needs of all learners

  • We build confidence by talking to and learning from each other

  • We change best when we feel safe and connected

  • We can best modify behavior by connecting and correcting 

Promise #3 GROWTH:

We inspire extraordinary growth

We believe all students are not only capable of learning but also capable of extraordinary growth. That's why our educators work hard to impact that learning for each student every day.  

What we believe about learning:

  • Learning connects the known to the unknown

  • Teaching should impact learning in measurable ways

  • All students can learn when they are able to understand their learning targets 

  • Learning improves when students are able to persevere in their learning

  • Students need adequate time to learn

  • The best way to know what students need and how they are growing is to be curious and watch what they do

  • We inspire growth when we listen to what students say, and look closely at what they make

"What can we inspire growth each and every day?"


Promise #4 SUCCESS:

We are future-focused

"How can we prepare each student for success now and in the future?"


We measure our success not by test scores but by the amazing things our Royals do once they leave us. That's why we invest so much in making sure each student is prepared to feel confident and be ready for the next phase of their lives.

We believe:

  • Student success is the primary priority

  • The best way to prepare students for their future is to give them real-life experiences 

  • Students should leave Eastern Hancock confident about their next steps

  • Experiencing 'productive struggle' is an important part of the progress