Nov. 16 - Dec. 14 Schedule for ALL Grades

School Update


The Hancock County Health Department sent an email to schools Friday afternoon that includes the following: “Hancock County Health Department has received very strong recommendations from the Indiana State Department of Health, that, while our county remains in the Orange color code status of COVID-19 virus activity, schools enter a hybrid or virtual learning model for middle school and high school.”

Our MS/HS has experienced four positive student cases Thursday evening and Friday and the quarantine of three of our teachers and almost 75 students.

In response to this State and County directive and to this week’s trends at school, the following plan for Eastern Hancock has been developed for the next four weeks (11/16 through 12/11):

  1. Grades 7-12 will move immediately to virtual instruction this Monday, 11/16 through Tues, 11/24 (last school day before Thanksgiving).  MS/HS staff will continue to report to school each day.

Grades 7-12 will begin hybrid instruction Monday, 11/30 thru Fri, 12/11. Students in grades 7-12 will be divided into two groups and will attend school on alternate days.

  1. Preschool through 6th grade will continue attending school as normal for the coming week 11/16-11/20.  During this period elementary teachers will prepare for the virtual instruction period to follow.

Preschool-6th grade will have virtual instruction for the two days of Thanksgiving week, 11/23 and 11/24.  Staff will report to school.

Preschool-6th grade will have optional virtual instruction 11/30-12/11.  Parents who have the ability to secure daycare for their children will be encouraged to do so and virtual instruction will be provided.  Parents who do not have childcare options may continue to send their children to school.  This model will allow for significant social distancing to protect staff and students while preventing parents from having to choose between staying with their child or going to work. 


  1. Preschool-6th grade parents will be surveyed to determine approximately how many will choose the virtual option.


  1. Both Essential Skills classes will meet every day.


  1. School athletic practices and contests will continue. Attendance at events will be limited to student participants’ immediate family or two adults only.  Siblings in attendance must stay seated with parents. Youth leagues and any other groups that want to use EH athletic facilities will cease until at least 12/13.


  1. Before school activities and workouts can continue if students are able to be logged in from home for their first class at 8:10am.


  1. We will reevaluate at Thanksgiving and prior to 12/11.


  1. The building principals will communicate more specific expectations to their staff and parents.


  1. Technology Help Desk hours will be 7:30am – 5pm during weekdays.


  1. Students in virtual instruction who have broken chromebooks should contact the Technology Help Desk.  Arrangements will be made to drop off or swap their broken chromebooks at the Central Office between 7:30am and 3pm.  EH tech personnel will meet parent or student in the parking lot.


  1. Bus service will continue.  Bus pickup and drop-off times may experience some changes due to fewer riders and stops.


  1. Lunches will be provided for virtual students on request.  Please fill out the PRE-ORDER FORM HERE


Two days of virtual instruction prior to Thanksgiving will hopefully give staff and families increased peace of mind entering the holiday.


Long-term virtual instruction is inferior to in-person instruction.


Hybrid/choice arrangements allow for greater social distancing, fewer people caught up in contact tracing, and a greater sense of safety.




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