High Ability Opportunities

Last Updated: 9/24/2020 6:51 PM

Here at Eastern Hancock throughout the year:

Various academic bowls and teams are available at all levels, including Spell Bowl, Math Bowl, Science Bowl, Math Counts, Middle School and High School academic teams for History, English, Math, Science, Fine Arts, Interdisciplinary, and Academic Superbowl.  In addition to this, we have offered world language enrichment to students who have mastered grade level content in language usage.  Other challenging options include Accelerated Reader, Student Council, FFA, Honor Society, Visual and Performing Arts, and Science Fair.  These offer many hands on opportunities to enrich and differentiate.  If you have any questions, Contact Us!

Here are some photos from extracurricular academic activities, as our students continue to see increased success:




Spell Bowl




Learning is Fun



Title: GERI Summer Camps at Purdue

The Gifted Education Resource Institute has a very exciting summer planned for students of all ages! Kindergarten through fourth grade students have the opportunity to participate in Super Summer and 5th-12th grade students can join Summer Residential. A digital copy of the brochures and promotional videos can be found at the following website: http://geri.education.purdue.edu/youth_programs/index.html.