High Ability - High School

Last Updated: 9/24/2020 6:50 PM

Eastern Hancock High School Profile:

Multifaceted Student Assessment Plan

High school students must meet at least one of the following to be identified as high ability:

1. PSAT percentile 96% or higher composite for General Intellectual, or 96% or higher in one  domain for high ability designation in either Math or Language or 96% or higher on normÔÇÉreferenced NWEA testing; can test in for Math, Reading or both if both domains are higher than 96%

2. AP Predictor Tool score of 50% or higher

3. Teacher recommendation if any of the above scores are within the Standard Error of  Measurement.

Helpful Links:

High School Guidance

Development:  http://www.ctd.northwestern.edu/numats/

College Board: www.collegeboard.org

ACT: www.actstudent.org

All AP and dual credit classes that we offer:


Dual Credit vs. Advanced Placement – Which is Best?


AP prepares students to pass an exam to prove their mastery of college-level curriculum. Dual credit in effect enrolls students in college courses while they are still in high school, allowing them to earn credit for both.


Dual Credit

Advanced Placement


Meets Technical Honors & Academic Honors Requirements

Meets Academic Honors Requirements


College Specific – Most in-state public colleges will accept credits and many private schools. Out-of state schools and selective private schools will generally not accept credits.

Accepted by most institutions – public and private

How transferred

You must request a transcript from each institution where you earn college credit

As a score (5 thru 1) with 5 & 4 being most readily accepted – in Indiana public colleges must give credit for a 3

How grade/Score is assigned

Dual credit grade is the same grade as high school grade

Based on a single, national exam administered in May. Class grade has nothing to do with Exam score.


Varies depending on the institution – anywhere from no cost to $100 per class

$87.00 per exam (approximate)

Some issues to consider:

If your student has a desire to go out of state or to a private selective school – AP classes may be more appropriate and transferable.

Can my student use both options? – Yes! Many of our classes are offered a both dual credit and AP and students are able to do both.

Your student should pursue courses that will genuinely stimulate and challenge them. They can never please everyone. Sometimes it is sufficient to simply choose the path that pleases them. 

*In the end, seeking out information from your list of prospective colleges is the only way to be 100% sure you’re making the best decisions.*


Online class providers we have used in the past:




District Implementation for High Ability High School Students:

Below you will find many educational options.  Note that our high ability grant from the state can pay for online classes if we don’t offer the course or if scheduling prohibits taking a specific course.  This applies to academic content only (not art or music at this time) and the student must be identified for the grant to pay.  If you have specific questions about any of these options, please contact us!

Placement Options

Acceleration Options

Instructional Differentiation

Subject Acceleration

Ability Grouping

Online Classes

Subject Skipping

Advanced Placement

Dual Concurrent Enrollment

Early Graduation

Early Entrance

Grade Skipping

Honors Classes

Individualized Education Plan

Online classes option (academic content only)




Problem-based Learning

Extension of content

Products demonstrate higher level understanding

Above-Grade Level Materials

Individualized Instruction

Independent Inquiry

Critical and Creative Thinking