Board Of Education

Tammy Settergren
Title: Assistant Secretary

This is my first year on the Eastern Hancock Board of Directors.  I am the owner of Just Good Tee’s & More, a printing company which its home base is at our farm in Wilkinson.  Over the last 20 years, I have worked with a fortune 500 company as a Program Manager.  This position used my education in business management and marketing, while I traveled coast to coast assisting hospitals in developing the ‘out of the box’ programs into what will be most beneficial to them.  As well as managing a team of 20-80 and being fiscally responsible for all aspects of their work. I attended Purdue University West Lafayette and graduated in 1997.  I double majored while in college receiving a bachelors in Business Management as well as in Marketing. I’d like to say that I have one or two main focuses.  But in reality I have several, and with the changing of times and issues, I’m sure those focuses will be forever changing.  My goals for the tenure on the board is to ensure that as an elected position I do my best to uphold the faith the community has be stilled upon me.  Taking my time to hear the issues, truly listen to the community, faculty, staff and students.  Based on that making sure to do my due diligence to be educated in the issues that arise and be aware of what standards by law we must follow.  Ultimately allowing me to have the best opportunity to make recommendations for our school that will be best suited to fit the needs of our students and staff.