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    Monday, January 25, will be an eLearning day for all Eastern Hancock students. Assignments will be given by individual teachers for that day.

    For students in grades 6-12, teachers will have "virtual office hours" for each period of the day for students within that period class who need extra assistance with a lesson. The schedule will be as follows:

    Period 1     8:15-8:45am
    Period 2     9:00-9:30am
    Period 3     9:45-10:15am
    Period 4     10:30-11:00am
    Period 5     11:15-11:45am
    Period 6     12:45-1:15pm
    Period 7     1:30-2:00pm
    Period 8     2:15-2:45pm

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Board Of Education

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson
Title: Secretary

Scott Johnson was elected as a Board Member in January of 2013.  He is married to Traci Johnson and father to Gracie, Jacob, and Claire.  Scott works at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources-Law Enforcement as a Conservation Officer.  Scott is also a retired Indiana National Guard. Scott was a 1992 Eastern Hancock graduate and attended Vincennes for college.  

Scott's goals for the School Board of Trustee are:

  • Using all of our school funding to the best of our ability. 
  • Providing a safe work environment for our employees and students.
  • Ensuring that our school policies are effective and meaningful.
  • Ensuring that there is accountability within the workplace.
  • Providing our teachers with the resources they need to be effective and successful in the classroom.
  • Promote a sense of Royal Pride within our community, staff, and students.