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Transportations Mission

First and fore most we strive to safely and professionally transport your children every time they step onto one of our busses. These young people are our community’s future and we want to make sure that everything within our control is a positive memory that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.  We at Eastern Hancock Schools welcome you all and wish you a safe and memorable experience.


The Transportation Department

Greg Turner
Director of Transportation

Did you know that riding a school bus is the safest mode of transportation for getting to and from school. Every year, about 800 school-age children are killed in motor vehicle crashes during school travel hours, accounts for 14% of 5,600 child deaths that occur in nation's highways. According to a study from the National Academies' Transportation Research Board, school children are at far more risk traveling to and from school in private passenger vehicles than in school buses. Of these 800 deaths, 74 percent occur in private passenger vehicles and 22 percent are the result of pedestrian or bicycle accidents. So let's "Get on Board" and ride the big yellow bus. Eastern Hancock School Corporation is dedicated to providing the most efficient and safest bus ride possible. 

We need parents and students alike to help us by teaching others about the importance of following the school bus rules. School bus riders must understand the importance of obeying the "Bus Conduct Rules." Disobeying the rules has the potential of putting them and others in harms way. This year the bus drivers have been informed that food and drink taken onboard must be contained in a backpack, lunchbox or bag. Visible food and drink will not be allowed on the bus. All safety rules are important. By obeying safety rules students will have a safe and pleasant ride to and from school. Here is something else you may not know - riding a school bus in Eastern Hancock School Corporation is a privilege. It's simple, obey the rules and everybody wins!

Greg Turner
Director of Transportation