Beth Zeilinga

Beth Zeilinga

Name: Beth (Cain) Zeilinga


How are you connected to Eastern Hancock? I was a student K-12, and now our son is a student here.


What is your greatest EH experience? I have many great experiences, ranging from friendships made, and athletics, but my greatest experience is that I met my husband at EH.


If you have/had children who attend EH, how has that benefited their lives? We have a son who is currently in the 6th grade. We were out of district until his 4th grade year when he moved to EH. The school embraced him with open arms; the teachers have been wonderful; his test scores and his love of reading has increased in leaps and bounds. He has loved making new friends and playing basketball and middle school tennis. 


What makes you have #EHRoyalPride? I had a great experience at EH and loved that it gave me an opportunity to be involved in so many different clubs, groups and sports. The school community has welcomed my husband and me back with open arms and really embraced our son. The overall community at EH gives me #EHRoyalPride!

What else would you like to share about yourself or our EH community? A couple of tidbits about me: Eastern Hancock is a family affair for us: my grandmother went to Wilkinson HS; my dad was in the first class to go all the way through in the "new" building (class of '77); my sister and I are Royals as well as my son and nephews.

I achieved 12 years of perfect attendance while at EH.  And you can find me now at the tennis courts supporting my son, Luke and/or husband, Chris as he coaches HS & MS tennis. During the winter we will be in the gym as Chris coaches our son's 6th grade basketball team.

Thank you for this opportunity to share such a positive experience - Go Royals!

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